Life at Panasonic

Together we create a better life, a better world
“Our mission is to enrich people’s lives through our business.” Those were the words of our founder Konosuke Matsushita. No matter who you are, where you work, what role you play, or how long you have been with us, your contribution as an employee of Panasonic ultimately helps deliver sustainable solutions that enhance the well-being of people and the quality of life throughout the world.
Innovation is our DNA
Did you know that for each of the last three decades Panasonic was the number-one producer of patents in the world? At Panasonic you work for a company recognised globally for its high quality products, green innovative systems and reliable solutions, developed by passionate people. As a Panasonic employee you can look toward the future and drive change.
Let's get stronger together
You develop and stretch your abilities by working in a culture of collaboration and partnership. By building strong personal connections and relationships of trust with customers and colleagues from all over the world, you can help drive us towards our goal to deliver innovative and reliable products and solutions that make a difference.
Get ready for the next challenge:
grow with us
At Panasonic you are encouraged to experience a broad variety of activities, act freely and take on new responsibilities. We provide all our employees with the opportunity to tackle challenging and interesting work. We support you to enhance your skills and abilities for your career development through our training and development centres which offer a wide variety of programmes.

The freedom to fufil your potential

Join us at Panasonic and a world of opportunity is open to you. From your first day with us, and throughout your time here, new doors will constantly be opening.

Talent for Tomorrow
Ready to take that big step into management? Talent for Tomorrow gives you the opportunity to exchange experiences with European colleagues from different companies, to take part in workshops and work with others on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.
Panasonic People Development Europe
Our Training and Development Centre offers you a wide variety of leadership and functional training to complement the local development activities available to you. At line-manager level, all the way up to Managing Director, you can follow programmes closely linked to our business objectives and company values.
Management Development Course
We offer a one-week programme to prepare new managers for their future roles within the company. This course includes finance and management skill training, as well as competition law, the deepening of the Panasonic Basic Business Philosophy and knowledge of the whole Panasonic Group.
Senior Management Development Programme
If you’re looking to develop your strategic thinking and strengthen your management skills – as well as your understanding of Panasonic, our Senior Management Development Programme is the perfect course. The focus of this programme is on case studies and current business issues. With training held in Japan, it’s a great opportunity to strengthen the network across Panasonic on a global basis.