Live Entertainment

 • Live event performance combining best in class 31, 000 lm laser technology, 3D mapping and moving projection

• Featuring the all new PT-RZ21K – the new reference projector in rental & staging

• Live video production with IP remote applications, new studio camera system and 4K live switching

• Connected technologies for live events: d3 Technologies, Blacktrax, Airstage and Painting with Light

With remarkably advanced laser technology using over 30,000 lumens and 3D mapping projected onto moving shapes, Panasonic demonstrate more ways to make anything possible in show settings.

Taking live events beyond the limits of stage or screen, Panasonic’s 30,000 lumen laser technology and 3D mapping means you can project with the clarity of reality, and create unique moving shapes to leave audiences stunned.

We’ve also partnered up with some of the industry’s most creative companies to bring you the ultimate in live experiences: Blacktrax real-time motion tracking, Airstage flying objects, show creation by Painting with Light and d3 Technologies’ content mapping are all at the cutting edge of entertainment technology.

We are also showcasing our Live Production switching and control Room and demonstrating how audiences outside the event can ‘experience the moment’ better than ever before.

At ISE, we unveil more ways to make anything possible.